12 Meter Sailboat Mitena

Francis L. Herreshoff Design # 62, 1935

This site is dedicated to the sailing yacht Mitena by Lee M Withey

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Mitena at the Mackinac Bridge

"Mitena" approaching the Mackinac bridge between the upper and lower peninsula's, Michigan.

Day Sailing

A fantastic picture. At 71 feet in length "Mitena" is more than a day sailor

Perfect Trim

Wonderful !!! Mitena under sail. Source- Harry L. Provided to me by Dan D. Thanks for the picture !!!

Sailing is a wonderful activity

Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1935. Mitena was built at the Herreshoff yard in Bristol Rhode Island for William Justice Strawbridge, a yachtsman and America's Cup financier

Race yacht Mitena. Design # 62 by Francis L. Herreshoff. Launched 06-07-1935. Hull # 1275. This is the longest 12 meter sailing vessel ever built. This is the same class of vessel that is raced in the Americas Cup. Lloyds Rule International Rating Class for 12 meters.

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This awesome background image is Saipan Harbor. Photo credit, Senior Airman Joshua Smoot; 

Mitena- Bon voyage, fair winds and following seas. Source- Harry L. Provided to me by Dan D. Thanks for the picture !!!

Mitena- Model builder Gary Gowans

Mitena- Model builder Gary Gowans

Thanks for the pictures Gary. Wow these are wonderful models!!!! The one with the green bottom is made out of about 2000 pieces cut out with an exacto knife and glued together. The white boat is a fiberglass boat made from a mold from the other wood boat. This one has about 25 pounds of lead and a wind vane to steer her. Both boats are 72 " long. Gary Gowans

Simplicity, I need to focus on that.  It’s all in a day.

This is the new website for Mitena. It’s truly a wonderful thing. Incredible!!!!!

L H Withey II and B. Lowry 

Lewis H Withey II left and B. Lowry right

Mitena is being restored !!!!!!!!!!!!

The Mitena project in the above photo is the reason for making this web page. Many people are happy about this. Mitena lives on. Thanks Patrick H.

Mitena, things are looking good!!

Mitena undergoing a total restoration.

Mack Woodruff

Lee M Woodruff, Uncle Mack

12 Meter Mitena- Chicago Mackinac Race

12 meter Mitena at the start of the 1962 Chicago Mackinac race. The "Mac" (as it is known) was first run in 1898. At 333 miles, It is the oldest annual freshwater distance race in the world. Photo- cropped and modified in order for focus on the Mitena not the Chicago skyline. Chicago Mackinac Race- Thanks Wikipedia- Source below 

12 Meter Mitena- May 1962 Holland Michigan

P Brown standing with drink, Lewis H Withey II sitting wearing white shirt, Jim A. Birdlegs working on stern

12 Meter Mitena- Stanley Z Rosenfeld Photo

Mitena 1935, built for William J. Strawbridge- Stanley Z. Rosenfeld Photo

Mackinac Bridge

Mom in the blue jacket -----Mackinac bridge

12 Meter Mitena on the Black River in Port Huron Michigan

This is a wonderful picture!!!!!!!!!!!!  Source woodenboat forum

Picture Source

Ladies on the stern

Mom wearing the butch cut bottom right. A. Lowry leaning back wearing the brown shirt.

Relaxing in Port

Back in the good old days

Brown Looks up

12 meter "Mitena" May 1962, Holland Michigan. This is another crop from a very small photo. This is the same dock and probably the same day as the mast picture above. "P Brown is looking up at the mast. Basically, I'm bringing a few pictures back to life.

Group Shot

From L.H. Withey II on the bottom left around counterclockwise. R. Swaney, P. Brown, F. Elles, J. Alexander, LH Withey III ?, B. Gill and J. Johnson wearing the red sweater.

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