12 Meter Sailboat Mitena

Francis L. Herreshoff Design # 62, 1935

This site is dedicated to the sailing yacht Mitena by Lee M Withey

Mitena 1

"Mitena" coming home

I do believe that T. Woodruff is wearing the red sweater and he's standing in front of his dad Mack who is wearing glasses. C. Bissell is at the helm and
B. Lowry is next to the mast.

B. Lowry thinking about the good life 

This photo is a difficult one to caption. I think I see C. Brown sitting in the cockpit wearing sun glasses and R. Swaney on the tiller. That might be B. Lowry with the white pants and blue jacket. It looks like the youngster has red hair so I'm thinking that is D. Brown. If anyone knows differently please let me know.

"Mitena" doing what she loves

From the bottom, up and over counter clockwise- J. Alexander, B. Lowry, F. Elles, L. Withey III, unknown, unknown, R. Swaney, unknown, unknown, E. Taylor in the white t-shirt looking down and the bow man unknown. Thanks to T. Elles for this fantastic picture. 

"Mitena" Looking good

Lewis Withey II is at the tail winch, B. Lowry wearing the white shirt, J. DeHann sitting down wearing the blue jacket

"Mitena" 1966- Starting the Chicago Mackinac Race

photo caption- Chicago Tribune: Photo of "Mitena" at the start of
the 1966 Chicago Mackinac Race. This photo was taken by a Chicago Tribune reporter and prominent in the news. 

"Mitena" brand new in 1935

Mitena new 1935, built for William J. Strawbridge- Rosenfeld photo

"Mitena" hanging out in the islands

The picture is hanging on our wall in the Turks and Caicos Islands. "Provo"

Mitena Perfect trim

A wonderful picture indeed